Lessons in 34 Years…

Thirty four years seem like a long time.  In my case, after living about 5 different lives, I know a thing or to about this thing called life.  Growing up from my schooling of K-12; I attended approximately 9 different school, lived in seven cities and three different countries.  Nope, we were not a military family.  Life just moved us around.  I obtained my first job at the age of 14 and in the last twenty years have had 12 different jobs.  Yup, I have done one thing consistenly… I’ve kept my life moving from place to place and definitely job to job.

Honestly, as an adult my life is not any different.  After turning the magical age of eighteen, I have moved around more than most people.  I’ve lost places due to financial hardship, and consistently stayed moving back to my parent’s house.  Why do I tell you all of this? Because, the depth of my lessons came with each encounter in my life.  Every person I have met, seriously a lot, have taught me something different.  Now, that is definitely more than 34 lessons, but you get my drift.

Here are my 34:

1. Stop begging people to love you or stick around.

2. Learn social queues – that will save you a lot of misunderstandings.

3. The people who are meant to be in your life… will stick around long after yet another of your meltdowns.

4. In fact, those people will hug you and remind you… You are loved. (weirdos)

5. It’s ok to be passionate about everything. Just make sure to take care of you.

6. Oh yeah, you can’t save ANYONE.

7. It’s ok to take some things personally, just don’t expect people to see it… learn to let it go.

8. Social Media will be your biggest blessing and worst curse… DETOX.

9. Strangers will want to tell you what they think… nod and smile, and keep it moving.

10. Not every relationship is worth fighting for…

11. Love people and let God handle them.

12. Your kid will be your best teacher.

13. Your mother was always right, sit down and listen.

14. Being a bitch to people will never feel good.

15. God loves you as you… stop trying to be everyone else.

16. Not everyone’s opinion apply to you… stop asking for it.

17. You only have one life… quit acting like you get a do over.

18. Your kindness will take you further than you imagined.

19. Being a “mean girl” as a grown ass woman is pathetic. Check yourself.

20. Not everything is your fault, some people are just shitty… you can’t change that.

21. Surround yourself with people who won’t try to change you to fit their perception of you.

22. Don’t even hang out with those people.

23. Cutting off your hair… will show you who you truly are!

24. You were meant to live this life… stop trying to end it ; I know it’s hard but you are strong.

25. You have more power than you think. Believe it.

26. I know you hate this phrase but… oh well “BE PATIENT”

27. What belongs to you will come… read previous line.

28. Your thoughts are like gold… not for everyone but they belong to the ones who will value it.

29. You have been loved… Trust me.

30. Your past is gone… Your future is not here… Live in the present and ENJOY it!

31. Don’t hate the process… you don’t have to love it, but don’t hate it.

32. Your past was a twisted gift… you didn’t think being this strong was going to be easy.

33. Be the best mom you can be… everyone else can wait.

34. Now that you know your purpose…. go out there and only operate in it.

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Just a single mom with a pup trying to make a difference.

2 thoughts on “Lessons in 34 Years…

  1. Reblogged this on Author, Kim Knight and commented:
    Word! Since I’m 35 I’ll add one more.
    35. I agree, being a bitch will never make you feel good, but sometimes some people need humbling * raises an eyebrow*, and you may be their life’s lesson with the humbling that they need to learn… so if need be embrace the inner bitch. Just sayin’


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